the Original Capybara Outdoor Bath 40th Aniversary

2022 11/29 SAT - 2023 4/2 SUN

Izu winter tradition

Izu Saboten Zoo is the birthplace of the original Capybara Outdoor Bath, which has become an Izu winter tradition and is famous nationwide. Held annually from November to the following April, the sight of capybaras soaking in the outdoor baths brings a sense of peace to many visitors.


  • Weekdays: 13:30 - 14:30
  • Weekends & Holidays and the periods of 12/16/2023 (Sat) to 1/8/2024 (Mon) and 3/20 (Wed) to 4/7 (Sun):
  • ◆ First Bath   10:30 - 11:30
  • ◆ Second Bath 13:30 - 14:30


*Content and schedule of event may change depending on capybaras' conditions, weather, etc.

Special Baths

※Depending on the capybara’s physical condition,
there may be no movement or bathing for them at the exhibition area.

Event Information

The Capybara 5 Zoos Collaboration

In 2015, we entered into the Capybara Outdoor Bath Agreement and have held exchange events ever since. The Capybara Outdoor Bath Agreement stipulates that (1) Izu Saboten Zoo, Nagasaki Bio Park, Saitama Children's Zoo, Nasu Animal Kingdom, and Ishikawa Zoo will provide outdoor baths every year for the capybaras and capybara-loving fans, and (2) Izu Saboten Zoo, Nagasaki Bio Park, Saitama Children's Animal Nature Park, Nasu Animal Kingdom, and Ishikawa Zoo will strive to popularize capybara outdoor baths.


We have a clawfoot bathtub in Izu Saboten Zoo's Anitouch!
Please relax and enjoy the capybaras soaking in a gorgeous cat foot bathtub, which has a different charm from Izu's rock baths.

History of the Original Capybara Outdoor Bath

It was 57 years ago that we started breeding capybaras at Izu Shaboten Zoo in 1966. Capybaras were still very rare in Japan at the time. Then, in the winter of 1982, when the zookeeper was cleaning the capybara exhibit with hot water, they noticed the capybaras relaxing with their feet and butts in the puddles of hot water and accidentally discovered their love for baths.

Considerations When Viewing the Original Capybara Outdoor Bath

+ Please maintain sufficient space between yourself and other visitors.

+ The capybaras may stay in the bath for up to an hour once bathing begins.

+ To avoid congestion, it's best to leisurely visit the bath during a spare moment rather than immediately when bathing begins.

+ Please refrain from using loud voices.

+ Once you have taken a good photo of the capybaras, please make room for the next visitor.

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