ANIMAL The animals are surprisingly close! From squirrel monkeys and peacocks to the wildly popular capybara, get up close and personal with our free-range animals!
We’ve had a number of new additions, increasing our animal varieties from 100 to 140 different animals!

SHABOTEN MOVIES Click on the images to see a video

CACTUS Cactus Greenhouse Cacti From Around the World We have 1500 varieties of cacti from all over the world, as well as succulent plants and more.

  • Mexico

    This is the largest greenhouse on the premises, with cacti and succulent plants from Mexico and the rest of North America on display.

  • Madagascar

    This greenhouse contains a variety of plants from the island of Madagascar, famous as an “Island of Evolution” which separated from the mainland long ago.

  • Forest Cacti

    This greenhouse displays cacti which grow in the jungle.

  • Africa

    “Succulent plants” from Africa are on display here.

  • South America

    Cacti and succulent plants from South America are on display here.

RESTAURANT & SHOP Delicious food, plenty of choices

Restaurant Gibontei

Forest Animal Restaurant

Enjoy a hearty meal while looking out over the park and its abundant greenery.

※ Restaurants only open to customers who enter the park.

Hours of Operation March - October 10: 00-16: 30 (L.O 15: 30)
November - February 10: 00-15: 00 (L.O 15: 30)
Number of Seats Indoor: 350 seats
Store site
Restaurant Chao

Restaurant Chao

Number of Seats 48 (Including terrace seats)
Recommended Cuisine Cactus Ramen, Fried Rice, Fried Gyoza Dumplings, and more!
Restaurant Hanamusubi

Restaurant Hanamusubi

Number of Seats Indoor: 54 seats, Terrace: 20 seats
Recommended Cuisine Focus on Japanese Cuisine. Soba, Udon, Ten-don, Kakiage!
Restaurant Cafe

Restaurant Café Sherry

A casual shop with delicious fresh bread.

Number of Seats 24 seats
Recommended Cuisine Fresh Baked Bread Set, Original Bread, and more!
Bell Station

Bell Station

We have tons of cactus fast food!

Number of Seats Take-Out Shop
Recommended Cuisine Cactus Soft Cream, Cactus Burger

GIFT SHOP Animal Mart

This is a souvenir specialty shop.
Our original stuffed animals, key holders and sweets are quite popular!
We also have items that you can only get in this area as well as Izu specialty goods.